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All General Intensive Courses


General Intensive French language courses in Annecy, French Alps

Program of our intensive courses: a mix of French conversion course and grammar course

Our General French language courses are adapted to your needs, with an emphasis in oral communication.

IFALPES general intensive French courses are interactive and creative, using modern teaching methods. You do not need to buy specifics books because our teachers provide their material based on:

  • Group needs and interests
  • Current news and trends or historical and cultural topics

If you need to work more on a specific issue or particular point, you can always borrow grammar books or books adapted to your level from our library. 

Also you can mix your general intensive French courses with other classes to work on your specific needs: one-to-one lesson, business class etc. 


Learn French in France and choose the quality of your intensive course 

French national authorities and international recognition, guarantee the quality of our courses.


 Choose your intensive French course program 

 Semi-intensive general French course

12 lessons per week - 9 hours per week

With the semi-intensive course, you can combine a job as it offers a lot of free time. It is primarily dedicated to students who take classes over an extended period. Usually, au pair girl/boy, and foreigners living in Annecy, choose this formula. 

Discover the semi-intensive general French course > 


 Standard intensive general French course 

20 lessons per week - 15 hours per week

The standard intensive general French course is more popular with students. Students who choose the standard intensive course also want to have time to discover the culture and enjoy activities like skiing, hiking etc. The minimum stay is one week.

Discover the standard intensive general French course >


 Super-intensive general French course

40 lessons per week - 30 hours per week

The super intensive French course is a full-time course during your week. It is ideal for students who stay only for a short period. Usually, students from this program study during all the day and enjoy evenings and weekends with activities and friends.

Discover the super-intensive general French course > 


 Enhance your French learning program with another option!

 Intensive General French course + ski in France

20 French lessons + 2 ski trips at the weekend

At IFALPES, you can mix your language course with skiing! Improve in two areas and take pleasure in challenging yourself! 

Discover the intensive French course +ski >


 Intensive General French course + one-to-one lessons

Semi-intensive or intensive general French lessons in groups + private one to one lessons 

Mix a semi-intensive or intensive course with one-to-one lessons to improve specific issues and particular points with a teacher. You can focus on vocabulary, grammar difficulties, DELF DALF exam preparation or challenge yourself on specific conversation topics.


Intensive general French course + business courses in French 

Intensive general French lessons in groups + business lessons in French

At IFALPES, you can mix French lessons and business lessons in French! Our partner institution IPAC School of Management gives you the opportunity to add 3 hours 30 minutes per week to your initial French lesson plan. 

Example of lessons: Marketing, Communication, Economics, Law, Tourism, etc.


  • General French courses

Semi Intensive course - 12 lessons

Intensive course - 20 lessons 

Students participating in our French language course

Intensive course + workshop - 25 lessons 

Super intensive course - 40 lessons

One to one lessons


  • Spéciality courses

French language course + ski

French language course + cookery

French language course + business

Training course for FLE teachers

DELF DALF Preparation courses

TCF - Test de Conaissance du Français

Tailor made courses for groupes

  • On line courses                                                                                                                   

On line 6 to 30 lessons                                                                                   


We offer all kind of accommodation and a variety of leisure activities.

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