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Choose the best accommodation for your stay in our French language school


Our school offers multiple solutions for your stay depending on your budget and the experience you want to live in France. 


Discover all type of accommodation we offer

Our IFALPES accommodation service will find the most suitable type of housing to match your choice.

All available accommodations are located in the town centre of Annecy or in the outskirts. From the school, they are accessible by bus, bicycle or on foot.

Accommodation is booked from Monday to Friday (1 day before and 1 day after the course). 


HOMESTAY : the choice for a full immersion experience

Homestay means you live with a host family. It is a really good way to discover the reality of the local life. It is the best solution to be in total immersion with native speakers and to practice more during day to day life, that’s why we recommend it to beginners.

From 245€ per week

> Discover more about homestay 


SHARED APARTMENTS : the most cosmopolitan experience

In shared apartments, our student have their own bedroom and they share the bathroom, the kitchen and other communal areas of the flat, like the living room, with other students in an international atmosphere. This is ideal for student who wants to live and share their day to day life with students from all over the world. Often, students from shared apartement become close friends and keep in touch after their stay.

From 550€ per month. 

> Discover more about our shared apartments


INDIVIDUAL STUDIOS : privacy as a priority 

Individual studios are made for student who want their own space and privacy . Each studio has one room equipped with a kitchen corner, bedroom corner (sofa bed) and bathroom. Studio flats are between 20 and 30 squared meters.

From 650€ per month. 

 > Discover more about our individual studios 


STUDENT RESIDENCES : the right balance between privacy and sharing + meet French students

In a student residence, each student has his own room with a shower. Sometimes, toilets are included in the room. The kitchen is always shared. This is a good way to have your own privacy, but you have the opportunity to share your meals with other students. Unlike shared apartment, in student residences you live with French students (except in summer).

From 390€ per month. 

 > Discover more about our student residences


Book your accommodation

How to book your accommodation?

When booking your course on our website, select if you want to include accommodation, and give us two choices. We will do our best to propose you an accommodation of your choice according to availability. 

What are the booking fees? 

If you are staying for one month or less, we charge a booking fee of 40€. If you are staying for more than one month, fee is 70€.

A deposit of 200€ is required in order to book your accommodation.

The agency fees will be deducted from your deposit and the remaining amount (160€ or 130€) will be deducted from your first month’s rent.

If for any reason you decide to change accommodation, a 40€ fee will be charged.


How to plan your arrival

Whether you are staying with a family or in an apartment, you will need to contact your family or landlord/residence in advance to let them know when you will be arriving. The phone number will be on your confirmation letter.

Should you need assistance, Ifalpes accommodation service is available from 8.15 am to 5.30pm from Monday to Friday 

Do you have any specific questions? Please contact Ifalpes accommodation service: