Annecy is perfect for picnics in the park

The charming town of Annecy, in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps, is the perfect place for picnics. The clean air of its location in the mountains make it ideal for getting together with those you love, out in one of its parks or down on the shores of Lake Annecy where there are many beaches. What could be better than sitting in the sun, having a picnic with your friends or family, and looking out over the beautiful lake which is surrounded by picturesque forests and mountains? Read More…

Unsung yet traditional Savoyard dishes

The other dishes typical yet unsung from the Savoy

Let me be clear: we have nothing against tartiflettes, raclettes, fondues and other wonders of the Savoyard cuisine that are delicious to eat by a roaring fire. What is more beautiful though, than the colour of hot melted Reblochon sublimated by the brightness of the flame with the coldness of winter outside? However, if Savoy cuisine denied potatoes or its tasty PDO cheeses from its dishes, it would have a lot more room in the cooking pot.

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French Cuisine Courses in Annecy

French cuisine courses

Ifalpes students and the chef

That « Art de vivre à la français » means, along with many other facets, appreciating fancy food, it comes without much of a surprise. Nonetheless, when it’s a French school that includes a French patisserie class as part of its learning method, and when this school it’s us, IFALPES -French School of the Alps- we become proud of explaining the three reasons of its success.

French cuisine courses are organized twice a month: each Atelier de patisserie is dedicated to a different French dessert that can be easily prepared in one hour and a half by the IFALPES students (who most of the times are debutants) and still-in most of the cases- be edible.

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