Shared flat with Ifalpes


In shared accommodation, you have your own room and share with your roommates (2 or more) the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room…). The apartments are all located in Annecy.

We have two types of apartments open for sharing: apartments that are rented by the month (type A) and apartments that are rented by the week (type B).

Price list
– Apartments type A: 550€ per month (all charges included).
– Apartments type B: 300€ for 1 week, 400€ for 2 weeks, 500€ for 3 weeks and 600€ for one month.

Management fees: They amount to 40€ (per student) for stays of less than one month and 70€ for stays of more than one month.

Each student will be asked an additional 40€ for any unjustified change of accommodation.

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