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"The IFALPES program offers students a chance to be completely submerged in the French Language. Classes are composed of four-hour blocks the subjects ranging from grammar, conversation, and oral comprehension. The staff is excellent. The teachers at IFALPES are there to help you and support you throughout your studies; they are wonderful resources. The program is formulated around your needs and capabilities, and to some extent the students will play a role in forming the outline of the class.

IFALPES is in actuality a part if the private university IPAC where French students specialize in economics, engineering as well as multiple other subjects. Because classes are held in the same building one is able to communicate with French students and partake in school and student sponsored activities. This becomes your most favorable resource for making acquaintances and truly delving into the language, as one will find within the French language three different levels ranging from the familiar to the bourgeois. The most difficult part of living abroad for me has been making friends with the citizens of the country, thus the access to student activities allows you to take part in the social life of the French youth.

The IFALPES program is an excellent choice for study abroad students, who can only attain a basic level of French in their country. If you are serious about becoming fluent in the French language IFALPES can set you in the right direction."