Fernando José TOMAS NAVARRO, Spain

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Fernando José TOMAS NAVARRO, Spain


I didn’t speak French at all when I arrived at IFALPES 2 months ago.
Today, I think my level has increased a lot; at least I can understand what people say and I’m able to express myself.

What I like in this school is the timetable flexibility. Two weeks ago, I was able to change to the super-intensive programme in order to progress quicker.
What I also like is the fact that it was so easy for me getting to know all the other students: teachers are also great and always here to help us.

I needed to learn French in order to go to university in Geneva and take part in a physics programme. In a few weeks I will sit the TCF exam at IFALPES.

I intend to come back during summer to increase my level of French but also to have a good time in this wonderful city that is Annecy!