Christoph MERKLI, Switzerland

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Christoph MERKLI, Switzerland

I arrived at Ifalpes 3 months ago. I started the course with the intensive programme and last month I changed to the super-intensive programme.
I had a first experience abroad in the United States where I learnt English and decided to try a similar experience in Annecy to learn French.

I chose this school because I was advised by a friend and also because the region is located near Switzerland.

I decided to stay with a host-family as I wanted to discover a French family way of life. When I arrived on the first day it was quite difficult for me as I didn’t speak one word of French.
Now my French is way better and this is also due to my host-family support and encouragement. Sometimes I do my homework with my “host-mum” and she helps me a lot my correcting my exercises and mistakes.

What I like best about Annecy is the fact that’s it’s not a huge city and thus very charming. I also enjoy the lake and all the hiking we are able to do in the region.