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Anna SIROTKINA, Russia



I was lucky to get to know the region of Haute-Savoie and more specificaly the city of Annecy for 2 weeks. This little « Venice of the Alps » moved my heart. I will never forget the shiny lake under the sun, the mountains and the small streets of the « vieille ville ». It was like a dream…
I spent these 2 weeks at IFALPES for the French learning programme. As a future teacher of French and thanks to the C1 level courses and homework, I was ableto progress.

During my stay I was able to take part in some cultural activities organized by the school such as cheese tasting, visit of Evian and Yvoire, and of course the famous « fête du lac » with its fireworks.
Besides all that, whatI also loved was my relationship with my host-family; they were always here to help me and talk with me in french during dinner.

I’m very happy about this experience…it was 15 days of pure happiness!