Ali AL LAHHAM, Syria

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Ali AL LAHHAM, Syria


I love studying French at Ifalpes, that’s the reason why I come back every year for 2 or 3 months.

What I really like is the flexibility in the course programme. We can talk about various subjects and we always have the opportunity to express ourselves.
I’m staying with a host-family, the same host-family for the second time ! I share special moments with them and what I enjoy most is the fact that they are always here to help me progress in learning the language. We also share some activities and they’re the ones who made me discover the region!

I love Annecy and its mountains ! I’m Syrian and even if they are quite different, the French mountains remind me a lot the ones from my country.
When the weather is nice I enjoy riding my bike around the lake and in winter I usually go skiing during the weekend.

Thanks to my several stays at Ifalpes now I can say I feel at home in Annecy.