Learning Games in French

Playing games of all sorts is a lot of fun, and doing so is also a great way of learning a language. Taking part in French learning games can only help you improve your knowledge of and fluency in the language of France. Read More…

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Exclusive interview: Paul Taylor!

Who is Paul Taylor?

He’s a comedian and Youtuber that has currently a one-man show in Paris and a TV show in Canal+, he also has more than 200 000 followers on YouTube. He was born in England but lives today in France and all his narrative is based on this duality of being an English in France, and how to integrate or understand French culture with the eyes of someone coming from England. Read More…

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French Immersion: the way to study in 2017


Immersion is the name for a very popular way of studying a language, and it means that classes in other subjects are delivered in the language you are learning and not in your native tongue. You are “immersed” in the language you are hoping to learn and cannot get away from it.   Read More…

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6 Best Tips For Learning French

6 of the Best Ways to Learn French

If you want to learn French the best place to study and practice the language is obviously where it is spoken, so France is the perfect location. This is where you get the chance of hearing local people speaking in their native tongue. Where better could there be for you to hear exactly how to pronounce French words and to try out your own command of the language? Of course, it is possible to learn French without going to France. Let’s take a look at some tips for learning the language.

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Annecy’s Fair of St Andrew

People wandering in the streets of Annecy during the festivity

Ifalpes Image

Saint Andrew is said to have been a Galilean fisherman so it seems very apt for a fair and market in his name to be held close to Lake Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps each year. The Foire de la Saint-André (“Fair of Saint Andrew”) takes place in Annecy on the first Tuesday in December and hundreds of traders gather to sell their products of all kinds. This is a wonderful market for buying the best local produce from the region, and besides food and wines there are arts and crafts. The popularity of this annual event always ensures an attendance by thousands of people who come from near and far to enjoy this winter fair. This year the Fair of St Andrew took place on 6 December and was open from 8am until 6pm in the evening.

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Christmas in the French Alps in Annecy

The lake area in Annecy covered with snow

Annecy in winter (Photo: Raphael Fournier)

Annecy is a popular tourist destination in France with many festivals and celebrations throughout the year, and amongst these festivities is Christmas. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and with a large and glistening lake, it is the perfect setting for enjoying this time of year.

There is a romantic fairytale atmosphere in Annecy, and this feeling can be really appreciated in the depths of winter. Annecy’s “Lovers’ Bridge” looks like a Christmas card picture when the ground is white with snow.

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Annecy is ideal for birdwatching

Swans swimming over Annecy lake

Swan and cygnets on Lake Annecy (Photo: Bruno Chatelin)

With its beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, forests and alpine meadows, the charming town of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps is an ideal location for birdwatching. The large expanse of sparkling clean freshwater attracts many species of waterbird in addition to the common Mute Swans and Mallard ducks. Lake Annecy is a wonderful place if you are interested in birds.

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