French Immersion: the way to study in 2017


Immersion is the name for a very popular way of studying a language, and it means that classes in other subjects are delivered in the language you are learning and not in your native tongue. You are “immersed” in the language you are hoping to learn and cannot get away from it.   Read More…

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6 Best Tips For Learning French

6 of the Best Ways to Learn French

If you want to learn French the best place to study and practice the language is obviously where it is spoken, so France is the perfect location. This is where you get the chance of hearing local people speaking in their native tongue. Where better could there be for you to hear exactly how to pronounce French words and to try out your own command of the language? Of course, it is possible to learn French without going to France. Let’s take a look at some tips for learning the language.

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How to validate US credits for French Language Courses?

students in a French Course at the Ifalpes school

Every year IFALPES welcomes American students who come to learn French in France to validate US credits as part of their University Degrees.

Our school has many collaboration agreements with US Universities, and we are open to consider new opportunities. If you wish to come to Annecy to study French don’t hesitate to ask your International Office to contact us.

Mariam KERFAI (Texas University), Logan ALEXANDER ( Ashland University) and Philip McAULEY (Colorado University), kindly accepted to share their experiences with us. This is what they said:

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