Annecy Italian Film Festival 2016

Annecy Italian Film Festival makes its return to the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps this autumn. Film fans will be able to enjoy this festival from 21 to 27 September 2016.

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Annecy Lake Festival in August

The popular tourist destination of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie area of the French Alps adds to its many attractions every year with its Lake Festival that is held in August. Lake Annecy makes the perfect setting for this colourful annual event, and this year it takes place on Saturday 6 August.

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Annecy is perfect for picnics in the park

The charming town of Annecy, in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps, is the perfect place for picnics. The clean air of its location in the mountains make it ideal for getting together with those you love, out in one of its parks or down on the shores of Lake Annecy where there are many beaches. What could be better than sitting in the sun, having a picnic with your friends or family, and looking out over the beautiful lake which is surrounded by picturesque forests and mountains? Read More…

What to see and do in Annecy ?

The attractions of Annecy ? Its most beautiful nooks!

« Pearl of the Alps », « Venice of France », the superlatives are not lacking for Annecy, with its canals, its bridges, its flower-adorned docks and streets with arcades. Between its lake and the mountains, the town offers a seductive atmosphere and an architectural heritage. Discover this city, which was once Sardinian and is now French, but which still keeps its Italian past with some of the most vibrant yellow ochres under the sun.

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