5 Best Apps for learning French

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If you are a smartphone user there are many apps you can get that can be used to help you learn languages. Perhaps you are studying French? You might even be staying in France, perhaps somewhere like the charming alpine town of Annecy, where we have the Ifalpes French language school, but you would like to continue your studies when and where you please. This is where using an app or apps would be the solution. So, let’s take a look at the five best apps to help you learn French.

1. FluentU

A French advert tha can be featured in the app FluentU

A French advert/poster (Photo: Paul Beattie)

FluentU is probably the top app for learning French. It makes use of the best videos on the Internet by taking clips from TV programmes, music videos, adverts in French and trailers for French movies. In other words, FluentU utilises a wide variety of sources in different contexts to show people speaking French in many situations. This helps you hear and learn the use of French in various social settings and by French speakers from many walks of life. FluentU caters for beginners, as well as for anyone more fluent in the language. It offers a variety of features, including interactive subtitles and transcripts.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo has been ranked one of the top apps for learning French, and not surprisingly, because it is free, easy to understand and use, and it is a lot of fun, which means you are more likely to stay interested in studying. Duolingo offers a competitive game that helps you learn vocabulary, verb conjugation and pronunciation. However, it isn’t too fussy about the use of correct grammar, so you need to check elsewhere to make sure your grammar is right. Duolingo is wonderful for picking up the basics of French.

3. French Classics2Go Collection

A traditional French book is an excellent way to learn

The Three Musketeers (Photo: Robert)

Reading stories you know in the language you are studying is an excellent way of learning, and so the French Classics2Go Collection is a must for anyone wanting to learn French. This app offers a wide selection of well-known fairy-tales and other popular classic stories, including The Three Musketeers (“Les Trois Mousquetaires”), and it is free. Familiarity with a story helps you understand it in a foreign language easier because you know what to expect and can follow the concepts of the narrative.

4. Busuu

Busuu is a top app for learning French, and other languages too, including Spanish, German and Italian. It is based around an international community of users, and if you are studying French, you get to learn from those people whose native tongue is the language of France. With Busuu you can learn a lot of slang and idioms, as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

5. Larousse English-French Dictionary

The "Larousse" is one of te most popular dictionaries in France

A French Dictionary (Photo: CHRIS DRUMM)

If you are serious about learning a foreign language then having a good dictionary is an invaluable tool. The Larousse English-French Dictionary comes in the form of an app, and besides a wealth of words you can look up and learn, it gives examples of words being used in different contexts, provides many idioms and commonly-used phrases, and you can hear what the words sound like so you can get the pronunciation right.

There are many more apps you can find on the Internet but this selection above represents some of the very best for studying French. They can all be used to help you become fluent in the language of France.


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